#What are the benefits of artifact # computer monitor bracket for our office workers?

2021-11-09 15:06

The pressure on the neck will increase with the angle of lowering our head, which will lead to the bending of the cervical spine. For today's office workers, in addition to work pressure, the physical discomfort caused by sitting in front of the computer for a long time has also attracted people's attention. Many friends who often sit in front of the computer must have this feeling. Sedentary is easy to cause cervical discomfort. For a long time, it will not only press out the cervical stria and bend the cervical spine, but also lead to cervical spondylosis, poor vision, depression, etc. In fact, it is not difficult to solve this problem. The monitor stand can help us. Adjusting the monitor to our most comfortable position can reduce our fatigue at work.

A report published in the International Journal of surgical science and technology points out that lowering the head will put 60 pounds (about 27 kg) on the cervical spine.

The pressure on the neck will increase with the angle of lowering our head, which will lead to the bending of the cervical spine.

Benefits of monitor stand:

The area of the bracket base is much smaller than that of the ordinary computer base, so the space under the monitor can also be used to save desktop space. The position of the free telescopic display can be adjusted according to people's comfort.

360 ° free rotation, horizontal screen and vertical screen can be switched freely. The lifting angle of the support can reach 50 °, which is more comfortable when sitting or standing. The maximum head angle can be reduced to 35 °, and it is convenient to lie down.

The line is not disordered: the power line can be hidden in the lead box of the support, clean and tidy.

In addition, for many CAD and video editors, multi screen display can achieve greater perspective, more convenient video editing operation and more intuitive image contrast.

There are many ways to install the support, such as table clip, perforated clip, wall hanging, etc. compared with perforation, it not only ensures sufficient stability, but also facilitates disassembly and movement. It can adapt to the thickness of most desktops.

The installation of the mechanical arm is also very simple, as long as one end of the mechanical arm is directly inserted into the support seat. The display can be moved freely by rotating and lifting.

Only those who have used the scaffold can experience the comfort that the scaffold brings to our work and entertainment. In addition, it can also alleviate the fatigue of cervical spine and lumbar spine and make our work and entertainment more casual.