Which brand of monitor bracket is good

2021-11-09 15:10


Brand introduction: home decoration brand from Sweden is one of the largest multinational home supply brands in the world. Its products cover bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, restaurant and other decoration products. IKEA has branches in many countries around the world. At present, IKEA is the largest furniture retail enterprise in the world.


Brand introduction: AOC, founded in 1967, is China's intelligent HD display brand. AOC is the English abbreviation of Edmund Overseas Corporation, which mainly provides global consumers with full ecological video product lines such as LCD, LCD TV, splicing screen, digital sign, commercial large screen, high-end conference intelligent teaching tablet, small spacing led, cloud all-in-one machine and so on.

3. Lvlian ugreen

Brand introduction: Shenzhen ugreen Group Ltd, founded in 2012, is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, design, production and sales. It is committed to providing users with all-round digital solutions. At present, lvlian has provided users with a series of high-quality products in mobile phones, computers, video peripherals and network industrial control, which are sold in more than 100 countries and regions.


Brand introduction: the domestic innovative storage hard disk brand was founded on June 17, 2009. ORICO has the manufacturing strength of the whole industrial chain of R & D, design and production. It also has the R & D strength to track and study new technologies in time. It also has a global sales network formed by the synchronous development of online platforms and offline channels. It also has the characteristic fast 211 service of "two-week research and development, one-week production and one order"; Continuously output USB to the market, timely peripheral consumer electronic products, quickly capture and respond to market changes, and constantly upgrade products and services.

5. Nitori

Brand introduction: a household brand from Japan, established in 1972. Nitori products include home textile, cloth art, sofa, tables and chairs, wardrobe and other home decoration products. The goal of nitori is to provide & quot; The home environment side by side with Europe and America is diversified & quot;. Therefore, it is important for customers to feel that nitori is around them and can be purchased at any time. As of June 2012, nitori has 276 stores (264 in China and 12 overseas).

6. Times square befon

Brand introduction: the office supplies brand of Beijing North office supplies company was established in 1991. Befon is a manufacturer of general consumables, producing a full range of consumables for printers, copiers and speed printers. Its products include toner cartridges, powder boxes, toners, ink cartridges, ink and other consumables, as well as daily office supplies such as desks and computer supports.

7. Music and song loctek

Brand introduction: it was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on December 1, 2017, becoming the first share in the domestic ergonomics industry. The products include intelligent lifting desk, intelligent home lifting desk, sitting and standing alternating lifting table, ergonomic workstation, etc.

8. Eggson ergotron

Brand introduction: the brand was founded by Harry sweet in 1982. Ergotron's name comes from ergonomics (Ergonomics) and electronics (Electronics). For more than 30 years, ergotron's purpose is to improve the relationship between people and computers, displays, televisions, large displays and various video displays. Ergotron's digital display installation solutions include wall mounted and desktop mounting arms, desktop brackets, mobile carts, floor brackets, rotating shafts and vertical lifting brackets.


Brand introduction: Kunshan Hongjie Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. North bayou products mainly include: TV hanger, projector bracket, multimedia mobile cart, desktop display bracket, ceiling hanger and various peripheral accessories. North bayou has been committed to the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of ergonomic AV products and solutions.

10. Ecola

Brand introduction: 3C digital accessories brand was founded in 2005 and entered the Chinese mainland in 2008. China is headquartered in Taipei, the Chinese mainland operation headquarters is located in Shanghai, China. The production plant is in Dongguan and Taiwan Taoyuan County. Ecola is a leading brand of 3C digital peripheral accessories in the world. It provides innovative value-added auxiliary peripheral products for computers, digital and intelligent mobile products to further improve the convenience, efficiency and pleasure of mobile technology.