Ordinary people can't imagine analyzing the wonderful display accessories market

2021-11-09 15:07

1Analysis of wonderful display accessories market

  Some people think that the display itself is an accessory. This is indeed the case. The display has always been an output product of the computer host. Although the image quality of the screen has been improving and the appearance design is constantly changing, the display has always been a cooperative role, whether it is connected to the PC host, player or game host, They all exist as an output platform, but there can also be accessories. Many friends don't understand what accessories the monitor can have. Today we'll take a look at this interesting market.

一般人想不到 解析奇葩顯示器配件市場
Ordinary people can't imagine analyzing the wonderful display accessories market

  The display itself is a product that cooperates with other equipment, so the accessories designed solely for the display are a little "Pediatrics". For example, the common screen cleaning suits and display frame decoration products in the past do not have much technical content. Of course, there are exceptions. The design of the newly emerging display bracket involves materials science, engineering and other technologies, It is very tall, but the display bracket is not needed by everyone. Only professionals will consider this product, and the audience of the market is not large.

一般人想不到 解析奇葩顯示器配件市場
Monitor Cleaning Kit


The products used to check the color performance of displays also have technical content. For example, the professional name is Spyder elite 4 color calibrator, which is often used in our evaluation. Its price is also relatively high, even higher than many 27 inch large screen displays. Therefore, ordinary users cannot understand the necessity of this product, Only professionals understand the importance of color calibration, so they are willing to buy this expensive color calibrator.

Today, let's check the accessories of these monitors one by one to see how the unknown market is developing.

210 yuan market LCD cleaning suit

  Speaking of the monitor cleaning kit, when buying a notebook or installing a DIY, the dealer will give a set as a gift, which includes a bottle of cleaning fluid and a delicate wiping cloth. In addition, there may be a small brush. In this way, when the screen is dirty, you can wipe it with cleaning fluid to avoid wiping it with toilet paper or other rough surface materials, So as to produce some scratches. The small brush can clean the dust at the interface and other positions. Generally speaking, the price of such a suit is not high, otherwise it will not be given away. If you buy it yourself, it is often 10 yuan.

一般人想不到 解析奇葩顯示器配件市場
Common monitor Cleaning Kit

  10 yuan a set. Naturally, there is no technical content in it. Although the instructions boast that the wiping cloth is made of fine fiber, and the formula of cleaning fluid will protect the screen, it is not credible. The durability of the LCD screen is very good. It not only has a stable internal structure and can be used for many years, but also has an external frosted texture or mirror design, They are also processed by technology. If they are not destroyed by hard objects such as keys, they will not leave any obvious scratches. Therefore, as long as they are fine cloth, they can be wiped.

一般人想不到 解析奇葩顯示器配件市場
Nowadays, few people use cleaning suits


In addition, there is no market for this suit now. In those days, the price of LCD was high, and the price of 3000 yuan made people feel that the product was "refined and expensive". Now the price of LCD is declining, and the price of 24 inch products is less than 1000 yuan. At this time, almost no one will carefully wipe the monitor, which is like buying a Nokia for 300 yuan, Will you take care of it carefully? At best, it's just a call tool, which is completely different from the feeling of iPhone.

Therefore, for many users, even if they have a set, they are too lazy to use it. If the monitor is dirty, they can wipe it with their hands. Of course, this is something that users don't pay attention to. For example, the author doesn't pay attention to it and often wipes the monitor with toilet paper. However, generally speaking, there is no market for the monitor cleaning set, and even soft girls don't buy such a set.

3Special display frame decoration for women

  The display frame decoration is a non mainstream accessory that many people have never seen, but it does exist. This kind of frame decoration generally adopts Plush design and can be sleeved on the display frame. This kind of accessory has no protective effect. Moreover, the display frame does not need to be protected. It mainly plays a decorative effect, similar to the mobile phone protective case, Various popular elements can be used in design, such as popular animation characters, pink colors, and the main user group is women.

一般人想不到 解析奇葩顯示器配件市場
Common display frame decoration

  In fact, the current trend of display design is narrow frame, and some are even integrated with the screen. The thin frame can be seen only when the screen is on. Therefore, this decorative product can not be applied to all new products. On the one hand, decorative products will seriously affect the effect of narrow frame and make the manufacturer's design efforts go to waste, Second, this decorative product will also reduce the size of the screen and affect the visual experience. In addition, it will distract attention, which is very unnecessary for the working group.

白色超窄邊框顛覆時尚 優派IPS液晶首測
Today's monitors have many narrow frame designs

  Therefore, this border design is very small, mainly for female users. This border decoration product is not common. The reason is that it does not play a great role. This decoration will make the display look bloated. Although it will add some lovely flavor, it is also determined according to everyone's different aesthetics. Therefore, it is difficult to see this product at present.

4Uneven display bracket Market

  The display bracket Market is not a chicken rib, especially for users who often work, the display bracket can not only provide flexible display angles, but also is an indispensable product when building a multi screen display platform. The display bracket is not the same as the neck design of the display, as long as it can be adjusted by pitching, which not only needs pitching adjustment, You can also change the shape at will to fix the display in the air, so the requirements for materials and design technology are relatively high.

一般人想不到 解析奇葩顯示器配件市場
The display bracket can be adjusted at will

  Generally speaking, products 23 inches and above are equipped with bracket interfaces, which is often referred to as VESA standard wall hanging holes. VESA is the abbreviation of Video Electronics Standards Association, which means Video Electronic Standards Association. It is a non-profit international organization led by the board of directors representing more than 140 member companies from all over the world with voting rights, The design, production and manufacture of the display are related to the wall hanging specifications, which are generally required to meet VESA standards.

一般人想不到 解析奇葩顯示器配件市場
A dual screen display bracket is required

  The display bracket has a variety of modes, and the bracket provides a variety of installation methods such as table clip, perforated clip and wall hanging. Perforation and wall hanging ensure sufficient stability and easy disassembly and movement. It can adapt to most desktop thicknesses. The installation of the mechanical arm is also very simple, as long as one end of the mechanical arm is directly sleeved into the metal cylinder on the support base. The purpose of arbitrarily moving the display can be achieved through rotation and lifting. It is a sharp tool for forming multiple screens.

5Professional purchase of color calibrator has strong pertinence

  The color correction instrument has always been a mysterious existence. Its price is high, even higher than that of the display. Therefore, it is not a normal accessory product, it can correct the color performance of the display, make the color and color temperature more accord with international standards, to a certain extent, can enhance the display performance of the monitor, and is also an important instrument to evaluate whether a monitor is awesome. In our Zhongguancun Online Evaluation Center, there is such equipment.

一般人想不到 解析奇葩顯示器配件市場
The color comparison of the display is also very important

  Its working principle is mainly based on the lab and LCH principles of CIE color space. The measurement shows that the color difference △ e between the sample and the measured sample is accurate. In addition, the performance of color gamut, picture brightness and color uniformity, and color temperature gamma of the display can be observed. It can be said that the measurement of the display is very comprehensive, Although professional monitors will be calibrated before leaving the factory, there will be differences after all. Therefore, such a color comparison device is still needed for professional groups.

全球獨家!AOC 23.8吋無線傳輸液晶首測
Test tool: Spyder elite 4 color calibrator

Summary of the full text:

  The market of display accessories is very interesting. On the one hand, there is no technical content in cleaning suits and frame decoration, and the market is shrinking. On the other hand, the development of brackets and color comparators is good. Although it is still far from the public world, people have higher and higher requirements for display platforms, so for the performance of brackets and pictures, Naturally, we are willing to invest more time and money. From this, we can see that the development of accessories also needs to change with people's consumption demands. I believe this is an invariable truth for any market.

Display accessories market is a very easy to be ignored by consumers, but it is also an indispensable link. Today we will take you into the display accessories market.